This is the PARADISE, the final stage of the Triptych of Malice’s journey.
The main character that lies down throughout the surreal scenario. Wings made of sun, the wonder of Light. Without body, beyond borders.

This is the feeling when you are at peace. Or, at least, I



  Creatures grow together, collaborate. They are born from the same seeds, inside plants’ wombs.Their body are both food and fruit, the beginning and the end in an eternal, holy circle. 





This creature is in a transformative stage: one foot abides in the hell, in the fish’s mouth, the wrapped body finds its way through the Purgatory’s pool.
The chest lies in the garden of the Paradise. One head is still sleeping though, still belongs to the past.
The other one is awake and eventually aware of the whole journey, projected to the bright present.







Thousands of creatures, together
as one organism alone. Working together to achieve common goals, dedicating their life to the prosperity of life itself. Selfless, committed, tenacious. Buzzing in the light.





Being part of a beehive. In golden cocoon, among pink flowers. You are born again in that warm, full life. Egocentrism is over, Ego is broken up in hexagonal cells. The thoughts stop wandering around and becomes action: lively action in the honey. 




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